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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Topaz Adjust software

Just picked up a copy of this software. It works from within Photoshop and offers detail, colour and tone  enhancement with presets and selective application.  Here are a couple of images of the old CN Bridge edited in Adjust.

My neighbours garden

Yesterday, my neighbor asked me to reset her point and shoot camera to just point and shoot.  Apparently, she was at a function and some helpful sole changed her settings and all she really wants is a point and shoot.  So after resetting the camera to it's default we took a couple of shots of her flowers.  Her garden is one of those on the garden tour some really nice flowers. 

Well, today I went back and took some with my camera, those are giant Irises ...I have never seen any as large. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mountain Lady Slippers

Usually one finds these blooming with a plant here or there.  This year there are bunches all over; I have never seen so many.

It's been many years since I tried photographing the mountain slippers.  I can say that this old boy has trouble today with the contortions to which one subjects their body to get the angles to photographs these flowers.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's tulip season

Just received my new Fuji XQ1 pocket camera that I purchased to replace the Fuji X100s that I sold to fund the DA 12-24 lens for my Pentax system.  I am impressed with this little camera, it shoots RAW and I have it configured so that it rear control dial works the shutter speed or aperture, depending on which mode I am in, and the other dial on the front, which I can easily access with my index finger, works the exposure compensation.  ISO is also easily accessed as is the macro mode and flash.  I leave the flash on "forced flash" but it only works if I press the little button to pop us the flash, so it is easy to activate when needed.  Tested it out with some shots around the living room with and without the flash.  I am impressed with the image quality and balanced exposure with flash and low light performance without.  The larger sensor than other cameras of this size pays dividends in this area. 

Here are a few macro mode shots I took.  All taken in aperture priority at ISO 200 F8.0 (shutter speed around 1/180) and with -1EV exposure compensation.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Flowers and shadows

Prince George is located in central B.C., a zone 3 for you gardeners.  This means our climate is less temperate and growing season a bit shorter than those of you south of our location.  This was a glorious weekend, 20 decrease Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) and sunny.  Trees are coming into bud and the tulips, crocuses and early bloomers are putting on a show.  As I was heading to the BBQ to burn some steaks, I saw these tulips and the play of light with the shadows.  I put the steaks down, grabbed the camera with a  50-135 lens and snapped some quick shots freehand. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

New equipment

Just sold my Fuji X100s to fund the purchase of a Pentax DA 12-24 f4 lens.  My widest lens previously was the DA* 16-50 f2.8 so this new lens gets me into the super wide category. To replace the X100s I also purchased a Fuji XQ1 compact camera.  Unlike the X100s this one is truly a pocket camera.  I was finding that for casual family and events I was taking my DSLR as it was not much more trouble than the X100s to haul around.  Recently I used my wife's little Panasonic pocket camera which I find people ignore compared to larger cameras when shooting their pictures. And, since most of these pictures are not going to be made into large prints, the image quality is more than adequate.  This camera is classified as an "enthusiast compact", what this means is that it gives easier access to exposure and other camera controls than your typical point and shoot camera.  Also has a larger sensor than  found in other cameras this size and it shoots RAW.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dream machine....

Pentax have just announced their new 645Z second generation digital 645 medium format (MF) DSLR (the first was the 645D).  50 mega pixel beast, utilizing the same CMOS censor used in the Hasselblad and Phase One MF cameras that sell for 3 to 4 times the cost.  Pentax, however, have the advantage of manufacturing mainstream APS-C DSLRs and are able to utilize much of the technology in their MF cameras.  Just as the K7 technology migrated to the 645D, you will find much of the K3 in the 645Z, including the weather and cold proofing features.  This makes for a good field camera but MF of any kind also works for a studio camera.  Other MF manufactures don't have that advantage so must amortize R&D costs over a much smaller manufacturing run. 

Still, at $8500 for the body, and you would need about 5 or 6 lenses running from $2000 to $5000 each, makes member ship in the 645 club not cheap.   I keep buying those lottery tickets however, so one can dream.